Our IVF Story

Have you ever experienced a season of trial? A dark time when your faith was tested? Today, we are sharing a story that is heavy on our hearts. We are getting vulnerable so that others can be encouraged by how God used a time of pain to bring about His perfect plan in our lives. Kaelyn and I wrote this one together so my words are in regular font and hers are in italics.

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See You Later, Mem & Pep

Almost a year ago, my Pepere was promoted to Heaven. His life was well lived loving his family and serving His God. About a week ago, his wife, my Memere joined him in glory. She faithfully served her friends and family and loved to give labors of love to those she met. In honor of their memory, I am sharing some things I remember and have learned from them.

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5 Truth Bombs About Burnout & Work/Life Balance

You started this great business because it was something you were passionate about. Something that you love! You hustled day and night to make it something great. Now, it’s growing. And you… well, you’re freaking out. You have so much work to do and so little time to do it. Your daily hustle is starting to steal the joy away from the business. Plus, your creativity is completely taking a vacay!

Is this true of you? Are you experiencing burn out? I’ve totally been there. I’m sharing my story and 5 truth bombs about burnout and work life balance, just for you!

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