Juli & Nate | Dusty Blue & Tangerine Burlington Wedding

These two can often be found hiking one of the many scenic trails in New England or pushing themselves to the limit at a Spartan race, but on July 27 they were dressed to the 9’s ready to vow their love and their lives to one another. 

As the sun set on the perfect summer day, Juli floated down the aisle, accompanied by her dad, to greet the man she would take as her wedded husband. Friends and family from far and near looked on, with misty eyes and huge grins. 

Juli & Nate are extremely kind and giving individuals. I was actually introduced to Juli (and wedding photography), when I had the opportunity to second shoot her brother’s wedding a few years ago. Even though I didn’t know her family, by the end of the day, they made me feel as comfortable as if I had known them forever! I was so excited to have the privilege of serving this dear family again!

Brianna & Will | Black & White Groton, CT Wedding

The flowers, the dress, the tux, the place settings, the centerpieces, the rings! All the details from Brianna & Will’s Black & White Groton, CT Wedding were absolutely breathtaking! What was even more breathtaking was Brianna’s sweet first look with her dad AND her first look with her groom. Will’s face when he excitedly turned around to see his bride for the first time was priceless! You are going to want to see that moment!!

The heat didn’t melt Brianna & Will’s spirits as they tied the knot in July at the church where Brianna grew up. It was 95 degrees, the real feel temp was 105, and every time Brianna & Will locked eyes… it felt like 110! 

It was so sweet how they made sure to connect with all of their guests at their formal reception. You can tell that these two love people! A couple of our other favorite moments were when all the little girls gathered for the bouquet toss and just surrounded Brianna to gawk at her bridal beauty and their sparkler send-off. We were so honored to be able to take part in their amazing day!

Morgan & JJ's Clough State Park Engagement

“Are you a vegetarian? ‘Cause your skin is glowing!” Nice line, right? These were JJ’s first words to Morgan. Her reaction, she thought he was a player. Not exactly what he was hoping for!

Thankfully, first impressions aren’t always true! JJ has a lot more going for him than cheesy pickup lines. He is outgoing, loving and… hilarious! Morgan is the perfect complement to JJ’s big personality. She is as sweet as sweet can be, more reserved, and just laughs at JJ’s craziness. We got along so well with them, because my wife and I are the same way! I’m the crazy, outgoing knucklehead and she is the sweet and reserved one, who just rolls her eyes and laughs at me.

Just as their relationship didn’t start out so hot, our engagement session started off with some … obstacles. The main one being a locked fence that prevented us from getting to the spot I had scouted out for photos. Undeterred, Morgan and JJ were ready for an adventure and jumped the fence with us! I’d say it was worth it!

Best of 2018

Who’s ready to see the highlights from our year? We are sharing our favorite photos of our tmpbrides tpmguys & tmpcouples! Ready? Set… Go!

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Carla & Kyle | Belknap Mill Wedding

Everyone’s love story is different. Some people meet at college, some online, some are set up, and some… meet at a friend’s wedding. About 2 years ago, Carla’s college friends (who happened to Kyle’s high school friends) got married. Little did Carla know that she was about to meet the man of her dreams.

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Lea & Josh | Lakeside Concord Wedding

When Lea & Josh first met, Josh was not looking for marriage. He was quite content being single. It didn't take long for him to change his tune. They told each other that either they were going to date and get married or they would part ways. I think they are both pretty happy with the decision they made!

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